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As Ferahnur Mosque Carpets, we have been bringing together our mosques located all over our country with the most special mosque carpet types for many years. We know that our mosques are the apple of our eyes as Muslims. They have spiritual values far beyond being buildings that are worshipped only five times a day.

For this reason, every mosque, regardless of small-large, old-new, historical-modern, should be well-maintained, clean, aesthetic, comfortable, and reflect Islam and our beautiful religion Islam in the most beautiful way.

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Technical Specifications of Our Wool Mosque Carpets Ferahnur Carpet Total Height: 16mm – 17mm PILE MATERIAL: 70% local wool, 30% non-felting plate wool. There is no blend of fine wool, scrap wool and nylon. Total Weight: 4200 gr/m2 – 4300 gr/m2 Face Protection: A ”steam” fixe treatment was applied to minimize distortion of the carpet surface. […]

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When buying a mosque carpet, we should choose a long-lasting quality wool mosque carpet or acrylic mosque carpet.

When choosing a mosque carpet, the square metre weight of the carpet determines its quality. Mosque carpets with a minimum of 4000 GR should be preferred according to the traffic of the mosque.

You can recognise the quality of the mosque carpet by the loop density of the carpet

One of the questions we often encounter is this. Does the wool mosque carpet smell or does the acrylic mosque carpet smell? In reply; odour may occur as a result of the poor quality of the material used and careless use. For example; It is possible that odour may occur after a while when entering the mosque with wet feet and without socks.

What is the kilogram weight in mosque carpets?

What are the most suitable mosque carpets?

How many days after the mosque carpet is delivered?

Are mosque carpets sold abroad?

Which countries do we sell to?

Is there delivery at the factory?

Do you provide transport and assembly service?

Do you have assembly anywhere in Turkey?

What are the payment terms?

Is there delivery to villages?

Do you have underfloor heating service?

Mosque carpets can vary between 3000 GR and 5000 GR. We should understand from this that the best quality mosque carpet is 5000 GR.

The most suitable mosque carpets are polypropylene mosque carpets with low weight and a maximum lifetime of 10 years.

We deliver your mosque carpets within 20 days from the date of contract.

We sell mosque carpets abroad. We serve every country in the world at all inclusive prices.

We have references in many European countries, especially in Germany, France, Switzerland, and we also have references in many states of the United States.

You can pick up the mosque carpets you have ordered from the factory or within Istanbul.

We provide mosque carpet installation and transport services in line with the demands of our customers.

Is there assembly everywhere in Turkey?

We create a payment plan based on the budget of our customers.

We have delivery to every district and village where the vehicles we will carry can go.

If our customers request this service, underfloor heating is installed.