Ferahnur Halı

About Us

As Ferahnur Mosque Carpets, we have been providing mosques all over our country with the most special types of mosque carpets for many years. We know that our mosques are the apple of our eye as Muslims. They have spiritual values beyond being just buildings where people worship five times a day.

That’s why every mosque, whether small or large, old or new, historical or modern, should be well-maintained, clean, aesthetic and comfortable, and should reflect Islam and our beautiful religion Islam in the most beautiful way.

With this awareness and sensitivity, we continue our work in the mosque carpet sector and show the necessary dedication to our work that we love.

On our journey to become one of the leading companies in our industry, we aim to respond to our customers’ needs in the most appropriate way and ensure customer satisfaction. We are proud to have achieved this for years and come to this day with one hundred percent customer satisfaction. On the other hand, we are not satisfied with our successes, we continue to work for more and better.

As Ferahnur Mosque Carpets, we never compromise on our quality standards. For years, we have been constantly improving our workshop and equipping it with the most modern equipment. We closely monitor the developments in this field all over the world and include the most modern equipment developed in the fields of weaving, patterning and processing in our factory. While doing this, we always choose our raw materials from first class products.

We know that raw material is one of the keys to creating a quality and aesthetic mosque carpet. That’s why we use the world’s most exclusive raw materials in both our wool and acrylic carpets. We weave with specially selected raw materials to ensure that our products comply with quality standards and national and international procedures. In this way, we manage to produce results that exceed expectations every time.

We carry our experience and knowledge to all corners of our country
Another factor in achieving quality in mosque carpet manufacturing is personnel. Staff takes an active role in a mosque carpet project from beginning to end. Therefore, the expertise, training, experience, dedication and customer approach of the personnel are as important as the quality of the raw materials.

All our staff working at Ferahnur Mosque Carpets are trained in their fields. Moreover, our regular training continues, and our teams work with their dynamic structure, always aware of the latest developments and knowing how to use the most modern methods.

Our staff, who work together in taking the measurements of our mosques and producing and laying the carpets, are people who have succeeded in working shoulder to shoulder for years and are focused on completing our projects in cooperation. Each of our personnel is aware of the moral and ethical responsibility of their job. In this way, they produce error-free solutions.

By constantly analyzing the demands and needs in the industry, we always produce solutions for the most up-to-date requirements. On the other hand, we follow technology closely, being open to all kinds of innovations. Aware that each mosque is special, we work from scratch for each of our projects. We bring the best types of mosque carpets to our mosques by supporting customer expectations and demands with our own experience and infrastructure.

We Realize Quality and Aesthetic Based Projects
As Ferahnur Mosque Carpets, we offer quality, aesthetics and functionality together in our applications. Since we produce all over Turkey and lay the floors of our mosques in all climatic conditions, we do the most accurate work by taking into account regional differences. We create floors that can be used for many years with carpets of appropriate weaving density and pile height.

Our mosques must be aesthetic. At this point, mosque carpets have a big share. Our company uses the most vibrant colors and most beautiful tones in order to maximize the elegance, elegance and aesthetics of our mosques. We offer you a wide range of color and pattern alternatives. In this way, we make your mosques exactly how you want them to be seen. We ensure that the aesthetics created by quality materials and workmanship can be used for many years without deformation.

We make measurements and manufacturing with millimetric calculations. We ensure that our mosques are produced and furnished without any errors, regardless of the floor shape and size. Considering the comfort of our mosque community and guests, we build a space where they can feel comfortable while praying. We create comfortable prayer areas for four seasons with our mosque carpet types that keep you cool in hot weather and warm in cold weather.

As Ferahnur Mosque Carpets, we are a company that is aware of social responsibilities and sensitive to the environment and ethical values. We complete our projects within the promised time. Transparent, respectful and communicative at all stages of pre-sales, sales and after-sales.