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Carbon film is a kind of bottom heating material. Bottom heating & carbon film has been preferred with great interest lately. The reason for this is the advantages provided by the system. Carbon film, a nanotechnology product, is specially designed and produced. Copper plates are placed on both sides of this product, which is a heating material. There are fiber carbon particles between the plates. This product, which has been preferred with great interest lately, brings many advantages. This product, used in buildings, provides heating and warming solutions. Thanks to the product applied to the floor, easy heating and warming is provided. Bottom heating & carbon film offers rapid heating and warm-up.

Bottom Heating & Carbon Film Features

Bottom heating & carbon film has a variety of features. This product, produced in different sizes and types, has a wide range of uses. Carbon films are generally produced in widths of 30 cm, 50 cm, 60 cm, 80 cm and 100 cm. Ferahnur Halı also installs the products it sells. Carbon film has various properties. Some features of carbon film:

The product does not take up space.
The highly efficient product ensures that the entire floor on which it is applied begins to warm up within 120 seconds.
This product, which has a durable structure, is resistant to scratches and impacts.
The product is resistant to moisture in the area where it is applied. In this way, it also provides benefits for diseases caused by moisture.
The product can heat parquet floors in approximately 8 minutes and carpets in 3 minutes.

What are the Benefits of Underfloor Heating & Carbon Film?

Bottom heating & carbon film provides many benefits thanks to its features. The product has a wide usage area. This product, which is applied to different areas, offers easy use. It can be easily applied under carpet, under parquet, on walls, ceilings and floors. The product equalizes the temperature of the floor of the area where it is applied. Main benefits of the product:

It can be applied to different surfaces. It is suitable for application under carpet, under parquet, on walls and ceilings.
It is resistant to liquid. In this way, it will not be damaged by liquid. The heating system can also be used for aquarium heating.
It has a very thin structure. The thickness of the product is approximately 0.38 mm. In this way, it does not take up space and does not create a rough appearance in the area where it is used.
It prevents problems such as magnetic field and magnetization.
It is resistant to moisture. In this way, it is beneficial for rheumatism and bone diseases.

This product has high efficiency and its cost is low. It provides an aesthetic appearance in the area where it is used. Thanks to its long-lasting use, it provides easy heating for years. It can be controlled with a thermostat. In this way, it prevents you from spending extra. There is no need for operations such as breaking or drilling during installation. In this way, the aesthetic appearance of the environment is never damaged. This system, which heats up and heats quickly, does not require a chimney. You can use this system in any area you want without having any chimney problems.

Bottom Heating & Carbon Film Prices

Bottom heating & carbon film prices vary. This change in prices depends on the width of the product. The product is prepared according to the wide area where it will be used. Price varies depending on the size of the product. Prices are generally considered high. However, the product can be used easily for many years. Offering easy heating in a short time, this product shows high performance. The guaranteed product brings many advantages. Considering the product’s features and advantages, the prices are budget-friendly. Transportation and installation of the purchased product is done by the company. Bottom heating & carbon film installation is done by a special team. No breaking or drilling is done on the ground during installation. In this way, the product can be easily applied and used to the desired area. You can also contact Ferahnur Halı for an easy, reliable and comfortable heating system.

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