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Carpet tiles, which are generally used in commercial spaces to add a pleasant atmosphere to the environment, are produced in various patterns and colors in order to increase the visual quality. The dimensions of these carpets, which we produce in our company in accordance with the quality standards for our valued customers, are generally produced in tile sizes of 45×45, 50×50, 60×60.

What are the Types of Carpet Tiles?

When buying a carpet, people usually examine the color, pattern and quality of the carpet. However, apart from these three options, the pile height of the carpet is also an important issue that is subject to customer quality control and should be taken into consideration.

Pile is the name given to the threads on the surface of your carpet. Pile height refers to the height of these threads on the surface of your carpet from the ground. For this reason, carpet tiles are divided into three types according to the pile option.

uncut curl pile
cut pile with cut strings
Pile with cut strings and curls

Short pile carpets are generally preferred in offices. Since it is woven tightly, crumbs and dirt do not penetrate into the carpet. These carpets provide ease of cleaning and are also very light. We have many carpet tile options in various colors and patterns for our customers who prefer our company. There are different types of yarns used in the production of these carpets produced in our company. These are divided into two groups: polyamide and polypropylene.

Polyamide Carpet Tile Features

The raw material of this synthetic yarn type consists of nylon. Thanks to the polyamide threads we use in making carpet tiles, which are generally produced for outdoor areas, the carpets we produce are very strong and durable. Despite the heavy furniture they carry, they do not cause any defects in their shape. You can choose these carpets, which offer a very easy and practical cleaning option, for a quality floor appearance in companies where commercial life is busy.

Polypropylene Carpet Tile Features

Thanks to these threads, whose raw material is thermoplastic polymer, the carpets we produce get almost never dirty. Since its threads are tightly woven, it does not accumulate dirt and crumbs. It does not waste your time unnecessarily by offering easy and practical cleaning. Since it is the most economical and cheapest yarn type in business life, it does not shake the budget of our customers. Since it is resistant to humid environments, you can use it both outdoors and indoors with peace of mind.

In Which Areas Is Carpet Tile Preferred?

As Ferahnur Halı, you can choose the carpet tile options we produce in any environment you wish. The general usage areas of the carpets we produce are as follows:

office floors
Hotel corridors and room floors
Theater and cinema floors
Floors of various restaurants
Floors of bank branches
Floors of fairgrounds and exhibition halls
Floors of post offices and cargo branches
shop floors

Our carpet tile types, which you can use in many areas like this, are always offered to your service in a practical and fast way in order to maintain customer satisfaction.

Our carpet tile service, which our customers who choose our company are very satisfied with, is always offered to you with affordable price options. Even though the width of the floors you want to be laid is one of the most important factors affecting the price difference, our price options are always customer-oriented and economical.

Since our carpets are in square shape and placed carefully one by one, various patterns that will appeal to the eye can be created. It is very easy to walk on these carpets with high heels, which are quite effortless in terms of cleaning and hygiene. Additionally, when there is a worn out part of your carpet, you can replace this part with a new one by simply removing a single square.

Ferahnur Halı, which you can choose with peace of mind, is always ready to serve you to beautify your floors.

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