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Cemevi are places of worship where Alevis gather to worship. There are a total of 948 cemevi in 59 of 81 provinces in Turkey. It is important that these places, which are visited as places of worship, offer comfort to people who come to worship, as well as aesthetic appearance. Cemevi carpet is an important element that can provide this comfort. For this reason, carpets, which pave the way for people who come to worship to pray more comfortably, should be chosen carefully.

Since people, as a large group, visit this place of worship for long or short periods of time, all internal and external structure and elements of the cemevi need to be taken care of carefully. The Cemevi carpet is an important piece that offers both an aesthetic appearance and a comfortable environment for people who want to perform their religious duties. Therefore, carpet selection must be made carefully. Otherwise, it is possible to experience material and moral losses. In other words, choosing the wrong carpet can cause both a significant expense item and discomfort for visitors.

How Should Carpet Selection Be Made for Cemevi?

It is important to choose carpets, which are an important complement to the internal and external structure of the Cemevi and have the ability to directly affect the health of visitors. Cemevi carpet must be carefully selected based on different criteria rather than normal home or workplace carpets. It is extremely important to take the following factors into account when choosing this type of carpet.

The location of the Cemevi and its heating system: Play a fundamental role in determining the production material of the carpet.
The average number of visitors to the Cemevi: It has a significant impact on deciding the material to be used in the production of the Cemevi carpet. In addition, this element is important in determining the color and model of the carpet. In short, the high number of visitors shows that the cemevi carpet should be durable and not in light colors.
Architectural structure of the Cemevi: Since the carpet is a complement to the architectural structure, building features play a key role in carpet preference.

Cemevi Carpet Materials

Various materials can be used in the production of Cemevi carpets. Material selection must be made carefully and according to the characteristics of the cemevi. The comfort, long-term usability and quality of the carpet vary depending on the materials to be preferred. At this point, it is possible to examine the types of carpets that can be produced from three materials.

Acrylic cemevi carpet: It is produced from acrylic, known as synthetic fiber. The product is easy to clean and has high durability. Therefore, this type of carpet is suitable for use in heavily visited cemevis. One of its positive features is that it is also resistant to moisture.
Polyamide cemevi carpet: This type of carpet is extremely suitable for use in crowded areas as it has the ability to hide dirt and stains. It is also resistant to wear and tear.
Polypropylene cemevi carpet: Although this type of carpet is easy to clean, it gets dirty quickly. The price may be more affordable compared to carpets made from other materials.

After deciding on the material to be used in carpet production, our team carefully produces carpets in the desired color, pattern and size. Our company produces products that achieve customer satisfaction with the use of high quality materials and labor, based on the characteristics of the Cemevi.

Cemevi Carpet Prices

It is difficult to determine a clear price for the Cemevi carpet. The choice of material and model for carpets directly affects the price. Pricing of each material varies. Likewise, carpet model choice can also affect pricing.

Another important factor affecting pricing is the width of the cemevi. Companies price in square meters. For this reason, it can be easily stated that the price of carpets increases according to the size of the cemevi.

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