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Dormitory carpets are used in dormitories, which are collective living spaces where students receive various educations, stay and grow up as future generations. Dormitories provide services with different features and dynamics in every province and district of our country, and they have an important share in the education of young people. Many people live and study here at the same time, and while all this is happening, a comfortable, stylish and hygienic space needs to be created.

As Ferahnur Halı, we have been producing dormitory carpets in many different patterns and colors without compromising on quality for many years, and we present them to the market with great honor. Considering the characteristics of the dormitories, we offer carpets that can be used safely for many years. In this respect, dormitories in our country are generally equipped with carpets from top to bottom. A kind of wall-to-wall carpeting is preferred, and carpets are laid everywhere in the rooms and even on the steps of the stairs. In this way, students encounter a comfortable environment at every step. At the same time, the dormitories gain a very stylish appearance, and with the thermal insulation effect, heating the dormitories becomes much easier thanks to the carpets.

Dormitory Carpet Features

As a company, we offer a wide range of options when choosing dormitory carpets. We always help you have the right products. Because these types of places must have the same characteristics of the carpets used in both workplaces and homes. Resilience in workplaces must be present at the same time as sensitivity about cleanliness and hygiene in homes.

As Ferahnur Halı, we keep the features of all our dormitory carpet types at the highest level and offer the following details at the same time:

Hygiene: Dormitories are public use areas. Sometimes it hosts dozens and sometimes hundreds of people. Therefore, carpets are stepped on many times every day by so many people. Due to the intensity of use and the use of many different people, every item in the dormitories must be easy to clean, stain-resistant and anti-bacterial.

First-class materials are used in our company’s dormitory carpets, they are stain-resistant, easy to clean and do not produce bacteria and germs. Thus, it will be much easier to keep your dormitories clean and hygienic.

Durability: Carpets in dormitories are subjected to very intense use. Therefore, a dormitory carpet must be durable and suitable for long-term and intensive use. At the same time, it is requested that the colors and patterns do not lose their vibrancy and do not fade for a long time. All of the dormitory carpets we offer have first-class materials and will continue to be used for many years without any deformation or fading.
Quality workmanship: Material quality alone is not enough for the quality of dormitory carpets. At least the workmanship must be of high quality. Workmanship must be at its best both during the production phase and the assembly phase. As Ferahnur Halı, we continue our work with years of knowledge, experience and experience. We work with an experienced, dedicated and constantly improving staff, and we bring our expertise to your living spaces.
Affordable price: Dormitories are quite large areas in square meters. For this reason, it is desirable that the carpets in the dormitories should also be affordable. We always offer the most advantageous pricing and help you equip your dormitories without straining your budget.
Aesthetics: Dormitory carpets are the most basic pieces in the decoration of dormitories. For this reason, a carpet should stand out with its colors, embroidery, motifs and models and reflect your preferences and tastes. We pay great attention to elegance and elegance in our designs, and we enable you to decorate your dormitories as you wish with beautiful dormitory carpets.

Dormitory Carpet Models

Dormitory carpet models vary according to their colors, patterns and motifs. Our company offers dozens of different dormitory carpet models. In this way, when choosing your dormitory carpet, you should consider the width of your dormitory, the degree of daylight, its width, wall and ceiling colors, furniture colors and models, your style, corporate colors, etc. You can choose by taking this into consideration.

One of the most important details about dormitory carpets is taking measurements, and measurements must be taken by professionals and care must be taken. Our company helps you at every stage, ensuring you have the right carpets.

Dormitory Carpet Prices

Dormitory carpet prices vary depending on the types, quality, sizes and models of the carpets. As the quality increases, the price per square meter of carpets also increases, which causes the budget you need to allocate to equip your dormitories to increase. If you are looking for both high quality and affordable dormitory carpets, you can choose our company.

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