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With the ever-developing technology, the types of artificial grass carpets and the usage areas of the carpet have expanded. Although the first areas that come to mind are stadiums and gyms, you can now easily find grass carpets that you can use on your balcony or in your garden at our company, Ferahnur Halı. You can examine these products to add a more pleasant appearance by making decoration changes in your garden or balcony.

Our company, which provides service with an affordable price guarantee and a wide range of models, continues to make a name for itself in the field of grass carpets. Thanks to your comments, we continue to improve ourselves and increase the satisfaction rate even higher.

Grass Carpet Types

Grass carpet is a decorative product that offers many advantages compared to natural grass with its affordable price, easy use and cleaning. Since artificial grass carpet has a long lifespan and is very easy to maintain, this option is the first choice of customers in garden decoration.

There are different types of artificial grass carpets, such as artificial grass carpets, balcony carpets and artificial grass carpets, according to demands and needs. Artificial grass carpets, which are produced as an alternative to natural grass and offer a similar usage to natural grass in terms of usage conditions, appearance and basic features, are among our most preferred models.

Artificial grass carpets are a very useful carpet model that is more widely used in schools or home gardens. Balcony carpet, another grass carpet option that you can easily find in our company, is the model that is frequently preferred in places such as terraces and balconies, which are among the areas where you spend the most enjoyable time at home.

Affordable Grass Carpets

Grass carpets are used according to different size and color preferences, but their prices vary depending on the options they choose. Our prices vary depending on the size of the area you want to use, the product model you prefer and some options. As Ferahnur Halı, we always help you by keeping our prices below the market.

Our grass carpets, which have more usable area and are easier to clean compared to natural grass, are waiting for you in our store. You can choose one of our models according to your budget, taste and needs. We ensure that everyone can benefit from our quality with our carpet models suitable for every budget. We continue to make you happier by regularly organizing campaigns.

Grass Carpet Usage Areas

Our grass carpet models, which offer many advantages thanks to their longevity and easy maintenance, are used in various areas. Artificial grass, which we usually saw in gyms in the past, can now be used as a decorative tool by providing a more aesthetic appearance. Some of the areas where grass carpet is preferred are as follows:

Children’s parks and playgrounds
on the golf course
For decorative purposes in the showcase
on the tennis court
In garden and roof landscaping
For decorative purposes on the wall
in the footbal field
In hotels, cafes and restaurants

You can choose from many other areas like these. We bring nature to your home thanks to grass carpets. Thanks to our realistic and high-quality models, we enable you to create spaces where you can spend quality time with your loved ones.

Use of Grass Carpet

Grass carpet cleaning is very simple. Since grass does not consist of a soil base, there is no need for cleaning materials. It can be cleaned in a short time with the help of a vacuum cleaner. However, if you have chosen grass carpet in large areas such as the gym or garden, you can clean it with a method other than vacuuming.

Grass carpets are very resistant to harsh conditions thanks to their quality structure. You can use it without any problems for many years. If you have any problems with our products, we will help you in a short time to prevent you from being a victim. We also help you with our guaranteed services.

If you would like to get more information about our grass carpet models and benefit from our advantageous offers, you can always call us on our phone numbers, write to our e-mail address or send a message to our WhatsApp line. We are trying to help you in the best way possible by getting back to you as soon as possible.

If you want to see our services closely and meet face to face, you can visit our office at any time. We welcome our customers who visit our workplace in the best possible way and offer prices that suit their budgets. We help them make decisions by offering models according to their preferences and needs.

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