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Carpeting Service with Ferahnur Mosque Carpets

Halıfleks is preferred due to its easy use and aesthetic appearance. It is also preferred because it provides energy savings thanks to the thermal insulation on the floor. This service, which is especially preferred in mosques, prevents the feeling of cold air on the floor with under-carpet heating such as carpet flex, since it is expensive and difficult to heat mosques with heating systems and provides a comfortable environment for people who pray.

Nowadays, carpets, which are used in many places other than mosques, are frequently preferred due to their diversity and comfortable use. It is produced according to many features such as yarn thickness and base type, in accordance with the intended use of the carpet. We produce this service for you with advanced technology. We can apply it on any surface in any way you want.

Just as we combine everything together, this also happens quite often with carpets. With our unlimited color options for Halıfleks, we make our flooring in many patterns according to the person’s wishes. We tile it in a way that is most compatible with what you have determined for your wall, furniture or anything else in the space. It is easy to install and can also be dismantled and moved whenever you want.

We provide our services in accordance with the latest technology by constantly improving ourselves with our experienced staff in order to maintain the trust and quality we have gained by coming to these days with years of experience in the carpet industry. You can always reach us through our contact numbers to benefit from these services or get detailed information.

Features of Ferahnur Mosque Carpets Halıfleks

Carpeted, which is preferred because it is easy to clean and looks aesthetically beautiful, is a flooring that needs to be cleaned regularly. You can increase both your health and the life of your carpet by cleaning it regularly and correctly.

As Ferahnur Mosque Carpets company, we can list our carpetflex features for you as follows:

It does not shed or cause feathering.
It saves energy.
It is conductive.
Mold does not form.
It can be used for a long time according to the intended use according to the place where it is laid.
It provides sound insulation by preventing sound from traveling to the upper floor or lower floor.
It provides an aesthetic appearance where it is laid.
It prevents sound from echoing.
It has a structure that prevents bacterial growth.
There are no chemicals that may cause allergies.

Reliability of Ferahnur Mosque Carpets

As Ferahnur Mosque Carpets, we happily serve all over Turkey in this sector where we have been serving for many years. We aim to meet the expectations of all our customers by providing these services according to our customers’ requests.

We ensure that our customers always benefit from the best service with our quality workmanship and quality materials. We choose the most modern equipment by improving ourselves with technology that changes every day. In this way, we always maintain our quality.

Ferahnur Mosque Carpets Halıfleks Service Price

In this sector, we show that we are a budget-friendly company by offering quality products at affordable prices to our customers. Everyone wants to use quality products, but not everyone can buy these quality products. We ensure that our customers, who we believe deserve the best, benefit from this service by offering a minimum price.

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