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Nowadays, hotels are one of the places where people often spend time for holiday and business reasons. For this reason, these areas must offer the best comfort and quality to their visitors in every aspect. This comfort can be achieved through the decoration of the hotel and the services offered by the hotel staff.

Hotel carpet is a frequently preferred product for many areas of hotels such as restaurants, lobbies, corridors and hotel rooms. As Ferahnur Halı, we show our quality in hotel carpets as well as in other carpets. We meet your needs in the best way by offering the kinds of hotel carpet models you want.

We always prioritize customer satisfaction. We are trying to provide better service by improving ourselves in line with the positive and negative feedback we receive from you. We provide you with years of trouble-free usage pleasure with our easy-to-clean and long-lasting carpets.

Features That Should Be Included in Hotel Carpets Preferred for Hotels

Hotel carpet features should be as follows:

While examining the carpet properties to be used in hotel areas; First of all, it provides sound insulation. If specially designed hotel carpets are not laid on the floor of the hotel rooms, the sound generated in the interior will echo too much and this will be viewed negatively by the guests. In this case, carpets produced for hotel areas will be very efficient when chosen correctly.
Again, thanks to the hotel room, your guests can easily step on the ground with their bare feet. Apart from this, hotel carpets will also provide advantages thanks to the other features they contain.
When choosing a hotel carpet, it is useful to pay attention to its technical features such as fireproofing.
In order for the hotel carpet to be used efficiently, it must be selected according to the area. Hotel carpets selected according to their area and usage conditions offer comfortable and long-lasting use.

Hotel Carpet Prices

There are three things we pay attention to when determining our hotel carpet prices.

Square meter calculation of the area is important in determining hotel carpet prices. You can calculate the square meter by multiplying the short side and long side measurements of the area where you want to lay your carpet.
Prices vary depending on pattern and color selection. First of all, interior architecture is taken into consideration. Then, pattern and color selection is made to be compatible with the interior architecture. The selection here is carried out in an organized manner by a professional team. In this way, a comfortable, spacious and stylish living space is provided.
You may encounter different prices depending on the quality of the hotel carpet you choose. When choosing a carpet, its quality should be taken into consideration. When choosing a carpet, which has many quality groups, it should not be worn out or old again in a short time.

Ferahnur Halı Hotel Carpet Models

Our company, which manages to meet the needs in the best way with hotel carpets, also pleases its users with its quality. With our guaranteed services, we ensure that you can use it without any problems for years. We make you happy by producing with quality materials against problems such as wear, yellowing and tearing.

We help you find what you are looking for with our wide range of models and colors. We make your business more modern and stylish by offering a variety of hotel carpets according to your taste and needs. You can choose our easy-to-maintain hotel carpets with peace of mind even under the most difficult conditions. You can also save time because it is easy to clean.

We satisfy you by offering our carpets at affordable prices. We are here for you by appealing to every budget and every taste. If you would like to get more information about our carpets and see our model range, you can always reach us. If you wish, you can visit our workplace to get more detailed information.

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