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The mosque is one of the places of worship of people. Especially in recent years, the number of masjids in the country has increased significantly. It is possible to come across prayer rooms in public and private institutions, shopping malls, recreation facilities and food and beverage venues. Due to the increase in the number of masjids, the products used in these places have also come to the fore. Since the masjid carpet is an important element of the masjid, it should be chosen carefully.

Masjid carpets are different from carpets used in homes or workplaces. While the first factor taken into consideration in carpets used in private spaces or business environments is an aesthetic appearance, the most important issue in masjid carpets is their usefulness. But on the other hand, it is not overlooked that the carpets used in these places of worship, which welcome a large number of people, provide an aesthetic appearance. Therefore, choosing a mosque carpet is an extremely important and difficult issue.

What Should Be Considered When Choosing a Masjid Carpet?

Since the mosque is visited by a large number of people, carpet selection must be made carefully.

Since prayer rooms are generally located on the ground floor, this should be taken into account when choosing carpets. In addition, another important point is that people step on this carpet with their wet feet after performing ablution to fulfill their religious duties. In line with these two concrete facts, carpets should not retain moisture. Therefore, this element should be prioritized when choosing a carpet. Otherwise, damp carpets become a threat to health. Moisture-retaining carpets lead to the formation of bacteria that threaten health and bad odors in the mosque.

There are other factors to take into account when choosing a masjid carpet. Due to its location, many people go to some mosques. Therefore, carpets must be clean for the health of all visitors. Because not only people’s feet but also their hands and faces come into contact with these carpets. For this reason, when choosing a masjid carpet, care should be taken to ensure that it is easy to clean and does not retain dirt. In addition, the lighting and internal structure of the masjid are also important in choosing a masjid carpet. It is essential to decide on the color and model of the masjid carpet in accordance with the lighting and the internal structure of the masjid.

Masjid Carpet Models

The choice of masjid carpet is made on the basis of factors such as the location of the masjid and the average number of people visiting it. Masjid carpets vary depending on the material they are produced from. These materials are listed below.

Natural materials: Silk, wool, bamboo and cotton
Non-natural materials: Polyester, acrylic, polyamide, polypropylene.

Masjid carpets differ not only according to their production materials but also according to their design models. Masjid carpets have rows, prayer rugs and patterned models.

Advantages Our Company Offers to Customers

Our company reveals its strong position in the industry in the production and design of masjid carpets. After the measurements of the masjids are taken, we carry out the manufacturing and patterning works with our professional team in accordance with the preferences of our customers and the characteristics of the masjid. With our wide range of material and model options, we complete our work according to our customers’ requests without compromising our quality. We guarantee customer satisfaction in all the work we undertake, as all our materials are of high quality and our team has strong experience in the field.

Since we measure the size of the masjid with precise calculations, there are no problems with the size after production. Our team meticulously carries out the installation of the masjid carpets, the production and patterning of which we have completed. While the flooring work is being carried out, our team pays attention to the cleanliness of the floor and the correct adhesion. When masjid carpets are not properly laid on the floor, they create a bad appearance and cause discomfort to visitors. In short, the entire process, from the manufacturing to the laying of masjid carpets, is carried out with quality equipment and materials and our experienced team.

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