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A mosque is a place of worship for people of the Islamic religion. The architecture, structure and comfort of these sacred places are extremely important. Mosques are visited by a large community, especially on Fridays, religious days and religious holidays. In addition, a large number of people go to centrally located mosques during the normal day to fulfill their religious duties. For this reason, these places, which are frequently visited by people, must be designed carefully and all elements must include aesthetic appearance and comfort. The mosque carpet is one of the most basic elements of the mosque that can come to mind.

Mosque carpet, in addition to being a complementary element of mosque architecture, must be chosen carefully because it is the most prone to wear or damage. Different production and model types can be preferred depending on the architecture of the mosque and the density of the congregation. Some factors need to be taken into consideration in this choice.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Mosque Carpet

Mosque carpets are of fundamental importance both in terms of their appearance and in enabling people to perform their prayers comfortably. For this reason, it is necessary to pay attention to the three issues listed below when choosing a mosque carpet.

Being easy to clean: Since mosque carpets are an important element of mosques that appeal to a wide community, it is essential that they do not get dirty quickly. In addition, it is important that it can be cleaned quickly and that its colors do not fade after cleaning.
Durability: Since carpets are exposed to intense use, they should not wear out easily and should be usable for a long time.
Suitability for the general appearance of the mosque: It is an important point that the carpet choice should be suitable for the architecture and structure of the mosque.

Our company manufactures its carpets by paying attention to the mentioned factors. We carry out preliminary studies for the relevant mosques and install the most suitable carpets for the mosques with the latest technology equipment we use without compromising our quality.

Mosque Carpet Types

Mosque carpets vary depending on the material and model they are produced from. Acrylic mosque carpets are products with synthetic raw materials that can be produced at standards close to wool quality. Acrylic mosque carpet, which is frequently used in mosques, stands out because it is offered at more affordable prices. Although wool mosque carpets are more expensive than others, they are widely preferred because they are comfortable and healthy. According to your preference, our experienced team produces mosque carpets from both materials at the highest quality. For this reason, we work to get the highest efficiency in the materials to be preferred and make sure that our products are of high quality.

Mosque carpets vary depending on production models. Mosque carpets with rows are produced with the aim of preventing any problems with the row order during worship. In mosque carpets with a core, there is a large pattern in the middle part of the carpet. This type of carpet fits beautifully in mosques with large chandeliers. The mosque carpet with prayer rugs is designed for the congregation to pray easily.

Mosque Carpet Prices

Our company works to produce the preferred carpet in high quality. For this purpose, our team produces products that exceed expectations by using the latest technology equipment and following the latest methods. For this reason, the mosque carpets we produce are suitable for safe use for many years.

Mosque carpet prices vary depending on various factors. The price of carpets varies depending on the size of the mosque and the materials used. However, we offer the products we produce with our high quality raw materials and state-of-the-art equipment to the market at affordable prices. You can call us via our contact information to get detailed information about any issues you may have, including pricing and other issues.

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