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Creating a corporate identity for workplaces is essential. The visual equivalent of identity is the correct furnishing of the office. Aesthetic appearance is notable for brand identity as well as employee performance. Therefore, every part of the office must be carefully designed and furnished to both present a corporate image and contribute to the motivation of employees. In this context, office carpet constitutes one of the most important elements of the office.

The choice of office carpet is an extremely important issue in furnishing the office. The color and model of the chosen carpet have a significant impact on the atmosphere of the space. It is known that colors, in particular, have an effect on psychology.

For this reason, when choosing carpets, it is necessary to examine the types that increase the productivity and performance of employees. But on the other hand, another important issue is that the carpet to be used in the office environment must be functional. For this reason, choosing carpet for the office requires a careful selection process.

Factors to Take into Account when Choosing Office Carpets

Office carpet is an important part of the overall image of the office. It also has the potential to affect employees’ comfort and overall mental state. For these reasons, it is necessary to pay attention to the following three elements when choosing a carpet.

Long-term usability: Office carpets are not replaced frequently. For this reason, carpets must be durable as entrances and exits to these places, where both employees and outside visitors are accepted, may be busy.
Suitability for the general appearance of the office: When determining the color and model of the carpet, it is useful to pay attention to the office furniture and wall color. Because every office has a style it wants to reflect, all elements of the office should complement each other.
Minimum cleaning required: Since offices are places where there are a large number of people, it is of fundamental importance that the carpets do not get dirty easily. Since people walk around offices with shoes, it is a key issue that the carpet to be chosen is resistant to stains. In parallel, care should be taken to ensure that the carpets can be easily cleaned.

Office Carpet Types

In general, carpet selection should be made based on comfort and good appearance criteria. In addition, the carpet should be suitable for the number of employees and visitors in the office and its general appearance. In light of various issues ranging from cleanliness to durability and comfort, it is necessary to pay attention to the color, model and material to be used in the production of the carpet.

Office carpet varies based on models such as tile, plank and roll. The selection of colors is made depending on the general appearance of the office. It is generally important that the preferred color does not tire the eyes. Having the carpet in neutral tones can benefit both the general appearance of the office and the atmosphere of the office. Our company produces flawlessly in accordance with the type and color of carpets preferred by customers. We follow our customers’ preferences exactly with our diverse range of materials and colors. Thus, we achieve one hundred percent customer satisfaction at the end of every job we complete.

Office Carpet Prices

It is difficult to determine an average price for office carpet. Generally, as in all other carpet types, the width of the space is a key factor in office carpet prices. Because carpet prices are determined by square meter. However, prices vary depending on the model and materials preferred for the carpet.

Our company brings products to customers at reasonable prices. We prioritize quality and high standards in all our work. We show this priority with the materials, equipment and working approach we use. Although the best materials and equipment bring high costs, we attach importance to being accessible to customers and offer our products to our customers at affordable prices.

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