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What is a Protocol Carpet?

With the service we have been providing in the carpet industry for years, we continue our way in the light of the references we receive from our valued customers and bring you the most spectacular protocol carpets for your special occasions. Protocol carpets have been used for privileged areas, special individuals and groups since ancient times. The use of these products, which are indispensable for special and ostentatious receptions, in official records dates back to the 1800s. Protocol carpets can be seen even in the Roman and Byzantine periods. It is observed that protocol carpets, which are increasingly an indispensable part of sociocultural life, are especially preferred, especially the red ones. It is placed on the entranceways for guests to walk through in many areas, from award ceremonies in the art world to invitations, special celebrations and official visits.

big celebrations
State protocols
Official visits
farewell ceremonies
Welcome areas

Many important people, from British queens to French emperors, have had protocol carpets laid under their feet along the routes they will travel during their visits to the public. Carpets, which began to become widespread all over the world in the late 19th century, found a place in almost all ceremonies and invitations. Nowadays, protocol carpet, which is used especially in government levels, is seen on the flights of the top executives of the countries. Carpets, which generally start from the stairs of the plane and extend to the protocol halls of the airports, are quite long. There is no length limitation in the protocol carpet, which is mostly laid according to the length of the path to be walked.

Where are Protocol Carpets Used?

Our company, which is the pioneer of the sector in protocol carpet production, continues to serve our valued customers with its experienced employees and high-tech production facilities. Protocol carpet, which is frequently used in welcoming official institutions and organizations, appears as an indispensable decor in all areas of high-level and elite meetings.

As a sign of the respect shown in interstate relations, it is laid in honor of the guests during the welcoming of the guest country. The protocol carpet, which is indispensable for high-level meetings, interviews and parades, is frequently used in areas where high-level politicians such as heads of state, ministers and members of parliament will hold meetings. The protocol carpet, which was initially used in official ceremonial areas, began to be used in all kinds of events over time. These;

engagement ceremonies
bridal path construction
cocktail invitations
office carpet
wedding ceremonies
Launch invitations
prom celebrations

It started to be used for many purposes on special days and moments such as: In such organizations, in addition to the protocol carpet, complements such as protocol runners and individual stair carpets are added to the stairs. The fact that these are furnished indicates that the invitation is ostentatious and important.

Protocol carpets, which attract attention with the colors determined by the welcomed guests and the welcoming traditions, are used especially in red, burgundy, yellow and turquoise color options. Although turquoise color protocol carpets have been used as a national tradition in our country recently, burgundy and red carpets have also been preferred from time to time. In official ceremonies, especially for those arriving at the head of state, the Presidential welcoming committee uses the color turquoise, which has a national history. This type of carpet, which emphasizes the seriousness and importance of the organization in official relations with its thick and soft structure, is called protocol carpet due to the initial purpose of its use.

podium carpets
Concerts and invitations
organization event
Fair and author areas
Gala and award ceremonies
Venue openings

How to Buy a Protocol Carpet?

Before purchasing a protocol carpet, it is very important to contact companies that are referenced and experienced in this regard. In this context, companies should be contacted, taking into account the features of the desired carpet such as its size, structure and purpose of use. After this communication dialogue, the price offer should be received from the company and a decision should be made. Although the sizes and colors of these carpets used as welcome carpets are different, their designs are largely the same. These carpets, which are generally single-colored and solid, sometimes appear with small patterned motifs on the edges. Carpets, which are concentrated in two colors, red and turquoise, attract great attention in our country.

Professional Solution in Protocol Carpets

Our company, which is your professional solution partner in protocol carpet production, offers services in line with the demands and needs of our valued customers. In this process, we determine your needs, offer options, design your carpet and present it to your approval. In line with your approval, we carry out the production by our expert team. We offer a wide range of services to our customers with our protocol carpets in different options.

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