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PVC floor covering is the most commonly used type of floor covering. This process used attracts attention especially because it shows high durability. It is the most preferred floor covering method because it shows high durability and high efficiency. PVC used in floor covering process is known as vinyl. Vinyl, on the other hand, is a type of synthetic plastic that is not natural. PVC is obtained using chlorine and ethylene. It is the second most used plasticized material in the world.

PVC floor covering is used in many various areas. This process, which is a type of flooring, can be applied easily. This process, performed by an experienced team, is long-lasting. This process is used to make the floor more comfortable and useful. The floor covering process used in different areas brings many advantages thanks to its features.

PVC Floor Covering Features

The material needed for the PVC floor covering process is specially produced. This high quality material can be easily applied to the floor. PVC is mostly used in floor covering process. General characteristics of the coating process:

They can be applied in roll or tile form.
The entire material has anti-bacterial properties. In this way, it can be used easily in different areas.
The product is suitable for health and can be easily cleaned.
It is resistant to rust.
It is resistant to high pressure. Thanks to this feature, it is especially used in traffic.
They have flexible structures as well as inflexible structures.
It has a waterproof feature.
There are different color and pattern options. In this way, it creates a stylish appearance in the area where it is used.
It is low cost.
It is resistant to heat.

PVC used in floor covering has many features. PVC floor covering is used in many different areas such as schools, hospitals, shopping malls, hotels, offices and public buildings. The coating method, which has a wide usage area, is produced in different colors and patterns. Thanks to this feature, it provides a stylish appearance in the area where it is used, while also positively affecting the decoration. The low-cost coating method can be applied in roll or tile form. Material produced under sanitary conditions does not put health at risk. This reliable material is also easy to clean. It is fire resistant. It has a noise-canceling feature in the area where it is used. The product, produced in roll and tile form, is produced in different sizes and thicknesses. You can order products with the features you need.

What are the PVC Floor Covering Types?

PVC flooring process can be applied in different types. Although the product is applied in different types, generally all of the products are resistant to cold, water, fire and snow. Types of floor covering process:

Heterogeneous PVC floor covering
Homogeneous PVC floor covering
Acoustic PVC floor covering
Conductive PVC floor covering

Heterogeneous PVC coating can be applied in areas used by people in their daily lives. It can be used for flooring in offices and meeting rooms, common work areas, and indoor flooring. This process is easy to apply and does not require extra care. Color and pattern options are quite wide.

Homogeneous PVC coating stands out with its high durability. The inner and outer pattern of the single-layer product is the same. This product, which is easily applied, is also economical. This type of application is generally applied in large surface areas such as hospitals, schools, shopping malls and gyms.

Acoustic PVC coating is generally used to prevent noise in areas where sound is high. Acoustic PVCs have both durable and useful features. This type of application does not only have sound absorbing properties. It also has an echo canceling feature. This product, which has a soft structure, is resistant to impacts. It is used in movie theaters, theaters, hospitals, schools and offices.

Conductive PVC coating is generally used in areas where people are densely populated. In these areas, the highly durable product maintains its structure and can be used for years without deterioration. It is not affected by water and humidity. It is easy to apply and also has a wide choice of colors and patterns. It is used in places such as industrial establishments, factories, workplaces, schools and hospitals.

PVC Floor Covering Prices

PVC floor covering prices vary. You can contact Ferahnur Halı for floor covering process. The service provided by an experienced team is long-lasting, high-quality and reliable. Prices vary depending on what type of flooring will be used, color and pattern, and the width of the application area. In general, all prices are budget-friendly.

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