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Today, various floor materials are produced for use in different environments. Among this wide variety of flooring materials, rubber flooring is quite useful. This product, which was sold at high prices when it was first put into production, has been realized over time by both manufacturers and consumers that it is very useful. Thus, while mass production of rubber was started, economical price options that customers can easily access have also emerged.

Where is Rubber Floor Covering Used?

Rubber flooring, which is ready for use on various surfaces, is often seen in social areas and playgrounds. This floor material, which we use as our company to minimize the risk of injury and injury, is resistant to impacts and in case of any loss of balance, it causes less pain to children than the soil floor.

As Ferahnur Halı, we always offer easy-to-use flooring services to our customers in addition to various carpet options. We offer our rubber flooring service, which is very easy and comfortable to clean, to our valued customers in sports centers and most educational institutions, as well as playgrounds.

In order to provide the most comprehensive and quality service to all our customers who choose our company, you can benefit from our rubber flooring service, which you can also use at home, with peace of mind. In order to ensure your satisfaction, we always carry out our work meticulously and provide a clean workmanship service.

By taking advantage of our rubber flooring service in kindergartens, nurseries, schools, basketball courts, and winter gardens, you can create a comfortable and clean space for yourself and your loved ones with this easy-to-clean and environmentally friendly floor option. We always try to create a comfortable environment for our customers in many aspects of life. That’s why we offer rubber flooring services on your walking paths and ramps to facilitate the use of surfaces that become slippery due to harsh weather conditions, so that you can have comfortable and safe walks.

As with all floor materials, we offer various options to our valued customers in our rubber flooring service.

lock rubber
cast-in-place rubber
brick rubber
hexagonal rubber
Block rubber flooring
animal shelter floors
Puzzle rubber

Rubber floors, which have various options like this, are both very easy to use and hygienic. They are generally divided into two: EPDM and SBR.

What is EPDM Rubber Floor Covering?

This type of rubber, which stands for Ethylene Propylene Diene Monome, is produced from rubber materials by applying a chemical synthesis process. The general features of this type of rubber, which is generally used indoors, are briefly as follows:

It has no harm to the environment
It does not burn easily with its heat-resistant surface.
It is flexible and softens the blows, minimizing the risk of injury.
It has sound and heat insulation features
Cleaning is easy and effortless

What is SBR Rubber Flooring?

This rubber, which stands for Styrene Butadiene Rubber, offers very affordable price options as it has a wide production range all over the world. SBR rubber, which is generally produced for outdoors, is durable and highly resistant to adverse weather conditions with its flexible and shock-absorbing surface.

Rubber Floor Covering Prices

The price options we offer to our customers are generally affected by the width of the areas you want changed, which greatly affects the price. Apart from this, the material of the rubber coatings you have chosen and the color and pattern options left to your choice also affect the price options we will offer to our customers.

We have been working in the industry we are in for years by offering our customers the most affordable and economical price options. Ferahnur Halı always works with great care to ensure customer satisfaction.

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