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Ferahnur Mosque Carpets Underlay Felt Service

It ensures the thermal insulation feature and comfort of the carpets by preventing their contact with the floor. It is used in many places to limit heat losses and high heat transfers. This underlay felt, which is used to protect the passage from the cold in the cold winter months and the passage from the scorching heat in the summer, is frequently preferred in mosques, masjids and homes.

As Ferahnur Mosque Carpets, we want to offer you the greatest comfort at the lowest cost in this sector by providing underlay service. Our felts used for insulation and flexibility have become an important need and are among our most preferred services. While performing the underlay felt service, we, as Ferahnur Mosque Carpets, send our various carpets to all over Turkey with the products we choose from quality materials, and we also provide all kinds of services for the comfort and thermal insulation of these carpets.

We need to pay attention to the importance of our health in every part of our lives. That’s why we constantly renew ourselves and make sure that all our materials are the most suitable ones so that you are not affected by periodic cold and heat.

While we frequently perform this service especially in mosques and masjids, homes with children and babies are often among those who prefer this service.

In addition to providing you with this service in high quality, we also make sure that our service is provided as quickly as possible. You can always reach us thanks to our contact numbers.

Underlay Felt Application with Ferahnur Mosque Carpets

When applying underlay felt, irregularities on the floor do not cause any problems in laying down the felts. By applying these felts, which can be applied to any floor, under wall-to-wall carpets, we ensure that the temperature on the floor is equal everywhere.

We help our customers who want to benefit from our service to make the necessary measurements about their carpets and prepare the size of the felts according to this information. We can provide this service according to the size of each carpet.

Features of Undercarpet Felt with Ferahnur Mosque Carpets Service

We can list the features that you will benefit from, thanks to the felts that are used for almost every place and needed by everyone, and are frequently preferred by our customers:

It extends the life of your carpets.
It is a complementary product in the installation of our carpets in mosques and masjids.
It protects from moisture that may occur on the floor.
It eliminates ground irregularities.
By applying it under wall-to-wall carpets, the temperature on the floor is equal everywhere.

Ferahnur Mosque Carpets Service Prices

As Ferahnur Mosque Carpets, one of the leading names in the sector, we provide our underlay service with maximum service at minimum prices, making us frequently preferred in this sector with our economical prices, which has become an advantage as much as our quality. We provide this service at high quality so that you can benefit from this service that is needed for your health and be among our customers. In addition, we make sure that every product we use for the health of our customers is of high quality and certified.

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