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Have an Ergonomic Carpet Experience Using Wall-to-Wall Carpet

Carpet, which has been an indispensable part of living spaces throughout history, is a floor product that is both decorative and comfortable to use. There are many types of carpets that enable living spaces to become a warm place. Wall-to-wall carpet is one of them and is an ergonomic product that can be used comfortably in any area. If you want your floors to have a rich and warm appearance, you can choose these carpets, which have been trendy in recent years.

What are the Advantages of Use?

A much warmer house due to its thermal insulation

Wall-to-wall carpet, which provides the warmth needed especially in winter months with maximum efficiency as it completely covers the area, satisfies the users by creating a rich image both in summer and winter. Independent carpets, on the other hand, cause heat loss and fuel costs because part of the floor remains open.

Providing sound insulation

It is an ideal product for a quiet environment, providing both heat insulation and sound insulation. Especially if you live in an apartment, it provides you with an ideal and peaceful environment by largely preventing the sounds you make from traveling to other floors.

Being a decorative alternative

To achieve a decorative and magnificent look, wall-to-wall carpeting is an option just for your needs. Compared to other carpet types, it adds depth and provides a spacious environment.

be safe

There is no risk of falling and accidents on wet floors with these carpets. It provides an ideal environment for young children.

Easy to clean

It is much easier to clean than freestanding carpets. Since it is attached to the ground, we can say with peace of mind that the sweeping process will not tire you physically.

Wide range of colors and patterns

Choosing light colors makes the space appear larger. Medium and dark colors symbolize luxury. Patterned and striped carpets add a separate form and divide the environment as you wish. There is a variety of products to suit your needs and taste.

Being hygienic

If regular cleaning and maintenance is carried out, it does not pose a threat to your health as it does not produce germs and bacteria. It provides a more hygienic environment.

Where is Wall-to-Wall Carpet Used? What are the types?

Especially preferred in large spaces, the wall-to-wall carpet type is used in many environments. It is easily preferred in meeting and congress centers, masjids, mosques, hotels, training centers, homes and offices.

Our wall-to-wall carpet types, which are not only decorative but also have great functions, are as follows:

Rip Carpet (Felt type):

The blend olefin (polyproblen) is spread evenly on the machine surface and pinned. The back of the carpet is coated with adhesive.

Loop Carpet:

It is a type of carpet that is woven by the needling method and uses yarns such as polypropylene, nylon or polyamide in its construction. Its most important feature is that it has a round pile. The surface weaving of the carpet does not have cut ends, it has a symmetrical arrangement and an aesthetic appearance. Since they are very durable, they are suitable for use in environments such as kitchens, hallways and corridors at home.

Tufting Carpet:

It is a type of carpet woven by needling method using polyamide, polyester, acrylic and wool yarns. The threads are cut after the needle sinks into the surface it touches. Therefore, it is the type of carpet that has a soft surface. In order for the cut loops to remain stable, the bases are covered with materials such as latex.

Relief Carpet:

After the weaving process is done on the machine, some of the shear surfaces are cut and some are left uncut. Since some loops are long and some are short, it maintains its softness for a long time.

Meet Ferahnur Carpet Quality

Wall-to-wall carpet application requires expertise and should be done by people with experience in the field. We offer you quality service with our wide range of wall-to-wall carpets. We prioritize customer satisfaction with our professional team and equipment. Because your satisfaction encourages us. Our mission is to fully meet your expectations and wishes. Enjoy our affordable carpets and comfort.

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